Laboratory Director, Josiane L. Broussard, Ph.D.

Josie joined the faculty at Colorado State University in the Department of Health and Exercise Science in July of 2018. She moved up the road from CU Boulder where she spent 3 years as research track faculty developing expertise in circadian biology with Professor Ken Wright. Prior to her time in Colorado, Josie did her postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Richard Bergman, focusing on obesity and diabetes research in an animal model. For her graduate work, Josie studied under Dr. Eve Van Cauter at the University of Chicago and focused on sleep and metabolism in people.

Laboratory Manager, Research Associate: Ellen Lyon, M.S.

Ellen is a Research Associate managing the SAM Lab at CSU. She has a background in clinical exercise physiology, and previously worked in diabetes and vascular research at the University of Colorado-Anschutz Medical Campus. She keeps the lab organized and running by overseeing all of the progress of our research projects. This includes IRB regulatory and compliance work, data collection and organization, participant recruitment and communications, training, scheduling, conducting study visits...and whatever else needs to be done!

PhD Student: Sarah J. Morton, M.S.

Sarah is responsible for general study organization, assays, study prep, student training and tissue processing. Sarah is a certified EMT and is pursuing her PhD in Human Bioenergetics at Colorado State University. She is the first PhD student in the new SAM Lab! When she's not in the lab, you will find her playing on soccer teams all over the city and rock climbing.

Master's Student: Devin Kennedy, B.S. 
Devin graduated from Texas Tech University in May of 2018 with a degree in Kinesiology and a minor in Nutrition.  She joined the SAM Lab in Summer of 2019 after starting her Master's Degree in the Health and Exercise Science Department here at CSU.  Devin is currently working on her Master's Thesis by evaluating the effects of time-restricted eating on glucose and insulin sensitivity.

Professional Research Assistant: Brent Knud-Hansen, B.A.

Brent graduated from CU in December 2017 and joined the lab as a part-time PRA. He is currently applying to medical school, but enjoys being our resident circadian data analysis expert until that begins. In the fall we learned that he can read, write and speak fluent Japanese. He recently travelled the world and returned  late 2018.

Volunteer Research Assistant: Hannah Powers, B.S., B.A.
Hannah joined the SAM Lab in the Summer of 2019 and soon after graduated with degrees in Psychology and International Studies.  Hannah has applied to medical school and keeps busy in the lab, medical scribing, and perfecting her baking skills in the meantime.
Undergraduate Research Assistant: Benton Roesler
Benton joined the SAM Lab in the Summer of 2019. He has held many leadership positions and aspires to help those in his community. Benton is currently pursuing his Bachelor's degree in Chemistry with a minor in Ethnic Studies and GES, and hopes to attend medical school.
Undergraduate Research Assistant: Taylor Heap  
Taylor joined the SAM Lab in the Spring of 2019.  She is in the process of obtaining her Bachelor's Degree in Biomedical Sciences with honors along with a minor in Spanish.  Taylor will pursue a career as a medical doctor after her undergraduate work is complete. 
Undergraduate Research Assistant: Hannah Lewin 
Hannah joined the SAM Lab in the Fall of 2019. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor's Degree in Biomedical Sciences with honors and a minor in Sociology. She plans on attending Medical School when she completes her education here at CSU.

Professional Research Assistant: Emma J. Tussey, B.S.

Joined the SAM Lab Fall 2018.

Professional Research Assistant: Chelsea Arent, B.A.
Joined the SAM Lab Fall 2019
Professional Research Assistant: Jacob Guzzetti, B.A.
Joined the SAM Lab Fall 2018