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Our Mission

The SAM Lab believes in improving human health. We are dedicated to conducting the highest quality of scientific research in a creative and collaborative environment to understand how behavior impacts biology. We believe in being very professional and candid. The way we do this is by asking big questions, challenging each other, and thinking creatively about physiology from the whole body to the tissue-specific level.

The principles and beliefs that guide our work:


-pride in all work, even the small stuff

-exceptional professionalism

-creativity and innovation

-courage to be candid (to ask questions, to challenge, to be wrong, to be vulnerable, to admit mistakes, to hold each other accountable)


We do NOT believe in or abide:


-taking ourselves too seriously

-being overly sensitive to challenge

-being above any task

-draining others (see complaining)


WE OPERATE THROUGH THE ABOVE FILTERS. By filtering every decision through these beliefs, we align our actions with our values.


Scientific Mission

Rates of metabolic and cardiovascular disease are rapidly increasing worldwide. Although changes in diet and exercise have played an important role, sleep and circadian disruption have emerged as novel risk factors for the development of cardiometabolic diseases and are often unavoidable in modern, 24-hour society. We believe sleep and circadian rhythms represent potential targets for improving health. Therefore, we: 1) rigorously investigate the impact of disrupted sleep and circadian rhythms on whole body and tissue-specific metabolism in a highly controlled clinical inpatient setting, and 2) develop and test non-pharmacologic, translatable and scalable countermeasures to improve metabolic and vascular health in the real world when sleep and circadian disruption is unavoidable.

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