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Dr. Broussard was one of the women scientists featured in the video for a poem written by CSU student, Merall Sherif


Dr. Broussard gives us tips on how to get enough sleep

Surprise 'Heart and Soul' Philanthropic Grant awarded given to Dr. Broussard and collaborators to explore the effects of insufficient sleep on cardiovascular fitness and insulin action


Shaking off that tired feeling, Dr. Broussard is quoted in the Real Simple Magazine

Dr. Broussard is quoted telling us why the best way to party into the new year is with a slumber party

Check out Dr. Broussard’s mentors Dr. Eve Van Cauter, PhD and Esra Tasali, MD on 60 Minutes (see if you can catch her 2-second appearance in Part 2!)


Fat cells need sleep, too


Sleep loss compared to a high fat diet

Listen to Dr. Broussard in a recent BBC interview on her findings regarding the link between sleep loss and diabetes.


Dr. Broussard’s research suggests you should catch up on sleep when you can. Listen to BBC World Service coverage of recovery sleep (called “having a lie-in” in the UK).