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Dr. Josiane Broussard participates in a round table on women's health with First Lady of the United States, Jill Biden, at University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

Colorado State University Health and Wellness Series interviews Dr. Broussard about sleep research


Public Health America interviews Dr. Broussard about the significance of the link of sleep and health,

Listen to the SRS podcast as they discuss Dr Broussard’s latest SLEEP paper,


Dr. Broussard presents "Impact of Sleep and Circadian Disruption on Metabolic Health".

Dr. Broussard shares sleep secrets on a podcast with Dr. Bradford Cooper.

Dr. Broussard discusses sleep routines, her nightstand crystals, and a cool new clock with OneClockCo on IG. 

First-year PhD student, Sophie Seward, writes about sleep and aging.

The SAM Lab celebrated its Grand Opening in February 2019. Check out the story and some photos from the celebration!

Dr. Broussard was one of many women scientists featured in the video for a poem written by CSU student, Merall Sherif. CHILLS!!


Dr. Broussard gives us tips on how to get enough sleep.

Surprise 'Heart and Soul' Philanthropic Grant awarded to the SAM Lab and collaborators--Publishers Clearing House style with a giant check and everything!


Shaking off that tired feeling, Dr. Broussard discusses with Real Simple Magazine.

Why the best way to party into the new year is with a slumber party.


Fat cells need sleep, too!


Sleep loss compared to a high-fat diet.


Catch up on sleep when you can. Listen to BBC World Service coverage of recovery sleep (called “having a lie-in” in the UK).

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